The best resorts in India!!

Going on holidays is a wonderful break however, planning the logistics for a holiday may not always be the most fun thing to do . To save ourselves from this, resorts provide us a single stop luxury holiday getaway. It’s not always the adventure and the exploring that define a holiday, but just lazing by the pool, ordering room service and walking around manicured gardens could define a  holiday too!And thanks to some plush resorts across the country , all of the things mentioned can actually come true.

Don’t worry too much if you haven’t planned that “big” vacation, you can always check yourself into one of these resorts for a rejuvenating break! So,here is a quick look at my personal favorites! Read on for more!

1.)Tijara Fort


As the name suggests, it is an old fort which had completely dilapidated over the years. The Neemrana group took over the responsibility of developing it into a Heritage hotel. They worked on it for a decade before it opened its doors to public. Situated at a distance of 70 kms from Gurgaon, in the state of Rajasthan stands this majestic fortress. It promises nothing short of a royal retreat.

The property is a good blend of modern facilities with heritage flavours. The view from the clock tower is magnificent. The sight of the fort at night is breathtaking.


There is a small play area for children. It includes swings , a slide and a trampoline. The swimming pool has a vintage flavour to it. The present day pool stands where the olden day royal queen hamams used to be.


The resort also arranges a cultural show for its guests in the evening. Various folk artists perform the ancient ‘khalbelia’ dance and it is really a treat to the eyes.

2.)Ojaswi Himalayan Resort

Situated in the calm town of Shitla ( further north of Mukteswar), amidst green pastures and snow capped mountains, is the cosy resort -Ojaswi.

DL 094

The resort has 20 rooms and each room has marvelous views of the resort as well as the snow capped mountain ranges. The quiet surroundings and clean air is a welcome change from the noise and pollution in the cities.


The food is tasty and healthy. The resort has a good play area for children which includes the regular equipment. It also has board games for adults, a carrom board and an ice hockey station. It is one of the most popular resorts in the area and an advance booking is therefore mandatory.

DL 050

3.)Aloha on the Ganges

Rishikesh is usually synonymous with being well known as a religious destination. However, the other highlight of this pious town is – white water rafting in the powerful Ganges and the finishing touch would be to check into a property alongside the beautiful Ganges and enjoy its view 24/7. Aloha on the Ganges, is one such property.

rr 026

Aloha is not only located adjacent to the Ganges, it serves one of the best bouffet spreads, has a serene ambience and opens into its own private rocky beach. A small trek from the hotel opens into the beach and offers a good view of the Ganges in all its glory.

Children will surely enjoy the swimming pool. One side of the swimming pool overlooks the river Ganga and gives an illusion of almost falling into it! A visit in the off season may guarantee a quiet vacation, otherwise the resort is crowded.

rr 076

4.) Guhantara

This  resort is located at a distance of 30 kms from Bangalore.The concept of this resort is rather unique –  a large part of the resort is undeground without actually being claustrophobic.


The in house  spa is beautiful and is definitely worth a visit. The property is beautifully maintained and in sync with the concept of being close to nature. The rooms are beautiful and the interiors are tastefully done. Day trips to the resort are popular among  corporates.


So what are you waiting for?Just google your favorite resort and plan a quick getaway! Happy travels!

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