Something about Nepal… read on to find out !!!

After almost 2 years we decided to plan a vacation to a place outside India. However we wanted this trip to be one that didn’t involve visa, paper work etc… after a lot of deliberation we arrived at Nepal. Contrary to popular belief , we researched and figured out that Nepal had a lot of variety to offer – treks, wildlife, temples, adventure sports , not to forget the super popular EBC and ABC treks.

Keeping in mind the available time and the current weather at Nepal, we designed a circuit that allowed us to have a little flavour of everything.

Upon my daughter’s request and suggestion, this blog is a combination of a lot of vlogs which includes a little text too.. hope you enjoy this attempt as well…

Our first stop was the capital city of Kathmandu.. a little video on the same..


Day 2 – although Nepal is home to only 800 kms of Himalayas, what makes Nepal Unique is th fact that it offers good view of the peaks from most parts of the country. In a pursuit to view the same we went up to a view point tower atop Chandragiri hills.

Chnadragiri hills

The same day we travelled to the beautiful town of Nagarkot. During winter, the entire Dhaulagiri range is visible to the naked eye!!A sneak peak into that!


Day 3 was when we understood how road trips work in Nepal. 7 hours to cover 180 kms because of windy roads, traffic jams and narrow roads.After a patience testing journey we reached the beautiful but humid Chitwan National Park- land to the vulnerable one horned rhinos!!

Chitwan National Park

The next 2 days were dedicated to the popular Pokhara. It is not possible to go to Pokhara and return without para gliding over the beautiful and vast phewa lake. An experience of a lifetime.

Pokhara is the starting point for the popular ABC trek or the Annapurna Base Camp. The place is also the starting point for the trek to view the special FISHTAIL peak in Annapurna range. We decided to trek up to the dhampos village which marks about 20 percent of the trek to view the fishtail peak.

The other places mentioned for sightseeing in Pokhara can be avoided. The crowd, the maintenance and the weather play spoilsport .

I was still disappointed for having visited Nepal during the season of maximum cloud cover, I was upset that I couldn’t manage even a slight peak of the mighty Himalayas during our week long stay. So all my hopes were pinned on the ‘everest flight’. It was scheduled to take off from Kathmandu at 6 15 am. I kept checking the weather the previos night , skies were clear and I was happy..

We got a ‘Go ahead’ from the ATC and then we were off cruising at a height of about 22000 ft to spot peaks which were between 24000 ft to 29000 ft.

My most cherished flight!

What an experience , an experience of a lifetime. Nature bigger than mankind always!!I returned back a more ‘Peakful’ person. The country was beautiful and we have returned with a vow to go back for the ABC sometime soon!

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  1. Such insightful write up. Reminded me about our last trip to Nepal in 2011. Loved reading.


  2. Very interesting. Reminded me of our last trip to Nepal in 2011. Loved reading this piece.


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