Animals, Travel and us!

A casual chat about my love for animals with a colleague/ friend on instagram this afternoon made me think and reflect. I realized that animals were an integral part of almost all our trips. We either went to national parks to visit them , we bonded with the pets on the properties we stayed in , we ran into them on the highway( very rare) or we even visited them at the zoo ( when we had the time to spare, although this is our last resort, we hate seeing animals in captivity). With not much travel happening currently, I dedicate this blog to all the very many animal friends we have made. So sit back and enjoy these beauties!

Hrithik Roshan the camel @Jaisalmer!
Sweetu and Tuttu , the two mountain dogs @ Landsdown! We had spent just 48 hours with them, yet when we were leaving , these two ran along our car for a km ! This is what unconditional love feels like!
A Sambar deer en route to Sariska, peeping right into my window!! Me thinks he wanted a ride:-)
An eagle just perched on Anand’s hand – @ Kumarakom, Kerala!

The beautiful mountain dogs who stole our heart @ Gushaini – Bhalu, Bulbul and Gochu! They were our GPS during the trip. They led us into different trails in the forests around the Tirthan valley! Pure bliss!

Sophie the beauty @ Amer , Jaipur! A complete cuddle lover!!
Lily and Jim @ Phuket! Not to miss the expressions on Junior Musafir’s face
Baby Jumbo enjoying some spa treatment @Phuket!
My current favorite – the endangered one horned rhino @Pobitora, Guwahati
Beat the heat with some fun in the water!! Jumbo sized fun in the water! @ Pinnewala, Sri Lanka
A little turtle at the hatchery in Bentota!
Marmot – a giant ground squirrel@Leh, we spotted him near the highway, stopped , petted him before he scurried back into his cozy hole!
The majestic ‘Pacman’ @ Ranthambore!
Huskies @ Interlaken, Switzerland! Confession time – I wanted to kidnap all 3 back home:-)

I had a smile putting this blog post together, such beautiful memories attached to each one of them. I hope the pandemic is keeping them in the best of their health! Hoping to see them all again!Hoping to add more friends to my list! Hoping that this blog post puts a smile on your faces too!

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