Mashobra -a lot more than a hill station!


It has almost become a habit for us to plan vacations to those places mentioned in various travel magazines. This time it was no different. We planned our short getaway to Mashobra, courtesy : Discover India Magazine. The white water rafting in the river Tattapani being the main attraction. So,during the second week of March when it was still chill in Gurgaon, here we were ready to go to a chillier place for our vacation!

The easiest way to get to Mashobra is to reach Chandigarh either by train or by flight and then drive down to Mashobra. The otherwise scenic drive has become taxing due to the ongoing expansion of the highway. Almost close to a lakh trees have been felled in order to accomodate the extra lanes on the highway. The statistic and the state of the infrastructure are extremely disheartening to see…

Hill station holidays are directly proportional to the quality of accomodation. All places have the same things to offer , therefore the place of stay acts as the key differentiator. We chose to stay in a cosy property – Mahasu house ( named after the Mahasu peak in the region)


The view from this place was breathtaking – snow capped mountains, terrace farming, apple orchards, mountain dogs and the quaint houses. The choice of things to do in Mashobra are limited, however the popular hill stations- Kufri , Chail and Naldera are easily accessible by road from here.

The main attraction for us planning this trip was to be able to do white water rafting at the Tattapani river. The drive down to the river is amazing . At one point , the beautiful delta created by the river is visible in full view! What a sight!


The rafting experience is nothing like at Rishikesh or Sikkim, but it is fun nevertheless. Little children are allowed too due to almost no risk-  a bright silver lining for families travelling with kids! The river has calmed down due to the construction of dams and hence the degree of white water rafting is low.


But on the brighter side, the calm river gave us the opportunity to jump right in! Frozen and numb at first, but 30 seconds in water is enough for the body to self regulate itself.


The other place we explored in our short trip was Kufri. Kufri is a highlight for those (read as children:-))who want to see snow!! We went with that hope and we were not disappointed. However, the excess crowd and commercialization has taken away the beauty from this otherwise calm hill station. No complaints though once we started engaging in a snowball fight!!


After having covered diverse geographies in our trip from rivers to mountains to snow… it was time for us to wrap up and return but not until we had relaxed enough at the property. Blue skies, piping hot ginger tea, books and abundance of peace… – my mind was humming the song The Bare necessities, the simple bare necessities….




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  1. Puja says:

    Superrrr blog…..
    It’s nostalgic…

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  2. Milna Vadakel says:

    Well written…..!!!!


    1. Thank you Annie!


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