Amritsar….foodies paradise!!

We were trying to zero in on a place not so far away from Gurgaon for a quick weekend getaway and Amritsar it was! Amritsar is synonymous with two things – the Golden temple and great food. With a vow to let go of all the food restrictions we had laid for ourselves , we jumped  right into the trip!

Our first stop was obviously the Golden temple. The music, the people and the entire ambience exudes a tranquil feeling. The golden temple stands royal  surrounded by sparkling clean water.


The marble arches and pillars are aesthetic and symmetric giving it a wholesome feel . We climbed up to the dome of the sanctum sanctorum and enjoyed the view from up there. Sometimes it is good not to click pictures , memory does its job!


Our first stop was at the famous ‘Gurudas ram Jalebi waale’. 20190112_111906

After a satisfying serving of hot jalebis, it was time to burn the calories!No better way to do it than shopping while walking!! By the time we had explored the lanes and by lanes, it was time for lunch. Kesar da Dhabba it was. Finger licking, yummylicious food….gastronomically satisfied!!


A meal is never complete without dessert. We hopped into an eco friendly auto and went straight to Giaan Lassi! The lassi was fresh and  topped generously with a dollop of butter !! One glass of this would need at least 3 cardio sessions to be burnt out!

Our next day in Amritsar was a rise, eat and repeat of Day 1. Loaded with food and memories , we returned back to Gurgaon just in time for the next week!

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