Beach calling@Mudaliyar Kuppam

Every year during our annual trip to Chennai , my in laws plan a visit to some new exciting place in and around Chennai. Over the past couple of years we have been to Snow World (4 days post its opening!), Temple Bay resort, Crocodile park,Muttukadu, etc to name a few.. This year the plan was to take my kid and me to Mudaliyar Kuppam.


I decided not to google about this place as I wanted it to be a total surprise. So we set off on a Sunday afternoon from Chennai towards ECR. Mudaliyar Kuppam ,located 90 kms from Chennai,lies between Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry.

The route is lovely and the roads are smooth, however regular traffic jams play spoilsport and dilute the speed one can otherwise enjoy.

Flying fish, Kingfishers & Egrets swooping in and out and other migratory birds gliding above the backwaters, the rare Screw pine flower (thazhampoo) trees are common sights during the 20 minute boat ride to the beach.


Once at the beach- throw your shoes, roll up your pants and run right into the water people, because this is  by far the cleanest beach I have seen in India. No kidding about that!

After a fun filled evening at the beach, topped with some nice tender coconut, we headed home feeling tired, happy and satisfied.


A highly recommended place for those in Chennai and those visiting as well. Adventure sports such as jet ski and kayaking can be enjoyed for reasonable prices.

Far away from the hustle-bustle of the Marinas and the Besant -nagars, this beach is calm, clean and a definite go go!


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