Weekend Getaway – Dalhousie

Post last minute reservations and rushed packing, the Humsafar, Junior and self left for our third trip to the hills in the past 9 months. This time we chose to go with friends to the popular Hill station in Himachal -Dalhousie. Contrary to popular belief the connectivity to this quaint little hill station from Pathankot is quite average to say the least.

We boarded our bus at Red fort ( there are a number of trains to Pathankot as well, but this needs a lot of advance planning and booking) late at night and reached Pathankot early the next morning. We then took the only mode of transport available at that hour – a rickety bus to Dalhousie. It was hard to say whether the ‘bumpety’ long ride to Dalhousie was because of the questionable condition of the bus or the numerous potholes! The attractions at Dalhousie – Dainkund peak , Khajjiar, Kalatop and Panchpula can all be covered in 1 day. Out of these only Dainkund is worth a mention. The trek to the top is lovely and the view is simply breathtaking.

For the next day we had planned to go to SACH PASS.The Humsafar, junior and me were in double minds to go since it was raining heavily the morning we were scheduled to leave for Sach pass. Our friends backed out citing poor weather and bad roads, but we decided to take the risk and go anyways and we are sooo glad we did!! What a day it turned out to be -weather wise and otherwise:-)

For  travellers who are willing to go the extra mile to see something spectacular – SACH PASS is your destination. Known as the king of mountain passes, located at a height of 14500 ft ( much higher than its popular cousin Rohtang) is the magnificent SACH PASS. The route itself is simply superb . It takes about 5 hours one way but waterfalls at regular intervals, the hanging bridge, the beautiful Chamera lake, the valleys  and the view of the mountains is enough to justify why one needs to warrant a visit here. The roads are in good condition apart from the last 7-8 kms. An experienced driver can make a good difference to the entire trip. There are dhabas all the way to the top and little shops selling local snacks and the ever popular Maggi!!

Photos do little justice to the actual sight of this place – pine trees, grasslands, mountain peaks literally kissing the clouds and at least 10-15 ft snow.. WOW WOW WOW!!!

This was the highlight of our trip and we returned back to our homeland as content travellers after having visited a beautiful place and not ‘just a hill station’.




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  1. Chitra says:

    Wow. Looks like this is an awesome place! Beautiful pics.

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  2. Shagun says:

    Great work Sadhna!! It’s very informative! The pictures are beautiful. After reading this I definitely want to visit the Sach pass. I have gone to Dalhousie once many years ago, it did seem like a nice place back then too 😊

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  3. Ashok Bala says:

    Very useful information. Wonderful pictures. Great work. Congratulations.

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  4. Annie says:

    Good work Sadhana… Very informative as well….will definitely go to this hill station before leaving Delhi.


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